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Hi! My name is Gary and this is my home and garden improvement blog. My passion for working on my home and garden began when I bought my first house. It was a run down little place in the suburbs of Sydney. Even though the place was in a bit of a state, it was in a fantastic location. I spent many hours reading up on DIY and gardening tips before setting about improving the place. It was a lot of hard work but it was also a lot of fun. I learnt a lot during that time so I decided to start this blog.



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Great Home and Garden Improvement Tips

    3 Ways to Create Innovative Clothing Storage in Old Houses

    Older houses have a wonderful ambience, but alas not much storage. Creating a modern, liveable house involves coming up ways of storing the clutter that comes with modern life. Vintage storage units A retro way to create extra space is to use the original style of storage: vintage trunks, chests of drawers, armoire and standalone wardrobes. These can be picked up relatively cheaply by trawling thrift stores as most modern houses have extensive built wardrobes and estate sales are often looking to liquidate similar furniture items.

    Backyard Living | 3 Essential Considerations To Prepare For A Fabulous Modern Patio

    Australians have always had an eternal love for the great outdoors, whether it is to enjoy a barbeque or a few beers with friends. Previously, patios were built merely for utilitarian purposes – a few slabs of concrete and traditional brick-coloured ridged roofs were enough. But today, patios have redefined outdoor living and have fast become a shining attribute for most Aussie homes, adding decorative value with their unique designs and modern concepts.

    Five Tips So That You Never Lose Your Front Door Key Again

    If you lose the only key to your front door, you will have to call a locksmith to make you a new key or to replace the locks completely. However, by making a few copies of your door key and taking steps to reduce your chances of losing your keys, you can avoid a locksmith bill. Here are five ideas you should consider: 1. Hide Your Spare Key At The Neighbour's House

    Services Offered By A Landscaping Company

    When you think about landscaping, you probably think of mowing, trimming and planting gardens, but there's a lot more to it than that, and a landscaping company can provide you with a variety of services that aren't confined to just your lawn. So to help get you up to speed, here are some of the services you can expect when you hire a landscaper. Landscape Design -- Landscape design is the process by which a landscaping company designs an entire front and backyard scheme for your home or business.

    Tips to Make Your Shower Screen Sparkle

    Glass shower screens are a great choice for any bathroom. The main function of a shower screen is to protect your bathroom floor from becoming wet by creating a barrier between your shower and the floor. It also far easier to clean a shower screen than a shower curtain because the hard and flat surface of a shower screen enables you to apply pressure to the surface, which makes removing dirt ales taxing job.

    4 Reasons You Should Upgrade To An Electric Garage Door

    If you drive through an average Australian suburb, you'll quickly realise it's hard to spot a manual garage door. Why does everyone suddenly have electric garage doors? Should you install one? The benefits of getting an electric garage door far outweigh the benefits of keeping it manual. So, what are these benefits? Security Electric garage doors are renowned for their security. With no external openings, such as a keyhole, it would be very hard for a burglar to enter your house through an electric roller door.

    4 Things You Need To Know About Funnel-Web Spider Bites

    Funnel-web spiders are very dangerous spiders, and they're found throughout Eastern Australia. If one of these large black spiders bites you, you could be in serious trouble. Here's what you need to know.  How do you identify a funnel web? Funnel-webs are black, shiny, and up to 5 cm long. They have over-sized jaws and large fangs. Australia is home to many large black spiders, and to the untrained eye, many of them look exactly like funnel-webs.

    How To Host A Successful Outdoor Theatre Party This Summer

    The weather is finally warming up, and it's time to start celebrating with your family and friends. What better way to enjoy those warm summer nights than an outdoor theatre party in your very own backyard? If you have a beautiful patio area in your backyard that you've been dying to take advantage of, a movie night under the stars surrounded by your favourite people is just the thing you need.